Bohemian wares for the artfully minded

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I would like to say I owe all my ideas to myself..but really the colors that I work with are the ones that truly decide how, where and when they want to work with me. They have their individual temperaments...such as the raindrop greys. They are a solemn bunch..requiring a slow pace, introspective...never rushing and methodical in their placement. Then there is the fairy moss greens...a fickle foursome they are...chipper light and busy as ever...wanting to be here, there and everywhere......but shy as the dew on a morning leaf. How can I leave out Bombay blue, majestic and overwrought .....never a dry eye when they're around!

Artfully created hair wares and decadent home accessories
designed by artist Jura Cilks.

I dont usually have an idea of what I am going to create. Once I start each piece, they direct me with their color. I love the unusualness of creating. All my pieces are modern whimsy I would say...designed and created to function and be beautiful in the way of the whimsy.